About Jiyaan Indian Restaurant


Originally called Linden House, a Boarding School for girls from the 1820’s for much of the 19th Century until it became the private residence of a local Doctor.

In 1890 the proprietor of The George Hotel, adjacent to Linden House purchased the building and over the decades it was integrated into The George Hotel.

Now called the Ramada Solihull, purchased in 2012 by SGS Hotels (UK) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Subhash Gulati Group based in India, it was the vision of the group’s chairman Mr. Subhash Gulati and his family

To bring the rich tradition along with the distinct local styles and flavours of North West India,
most famously the Tandoori style of cooking to both the local area and customers at the hotel.


The Tandoori style of cooking in the Jiyaan Restaurant offers an array of Meat, Fish & Vegetarian dishes heavily influenced by the fusion of the Mughal Empire & Medieval Indian Cuisine’s, distinct in its rich buttery flavours and ground spices.

Our menus are designed using all of the above values and history combining our own wealth of knowledge gained from training in India along with traditional family recipes passed down from generation to generation as well as including some of the popular British Favourites for good measure.