We’re taking our customers on a journey through our different offerings of authentic Indian cuisine. It’s important to us that our dishes can be enjoyed by meat eaters, fish lovers and vegetarians alike, and therefore be able to introduce everybody to the tastes, spices, smells and flavours that we are so passionate about cooking.

Here at the Jiyaan Restaurant, in Solihull, we pride ourselves on staying true to ‘authentic’ Indian cuisine by using the traditional method of cooking and preparing food. Of course, there are slight variations between westernised and traditional Indian cuisine with the differences lying in the combinations of flavours, which makes the food taste so distinct. Our traditional Indian cuisine can have a unique flavour that is different to the westernised equivalent, but we know you’ll enjoy it!

Subz Miloni

Subz Miloni at The Jiyaan Restaurant, Solihull.


Our dish of the month!

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our food, that’s why this month we have chosen a Vegetarian option, however, this delicious curry which is rich in flavour, we’d recommend to all! Our chosen dish of the month is the delicious and mouth-watering Subz Miloni.

This curry is made with seasonal vegetables including; carrots, cauliflower, shelled peas, French beans, fenugreek leaves and cooked with ground fresh spinach garnish, fresh green coriander and ginger, plus some green chilli for some extra spice … Yum!

We want you to try our delicious and flavoursome Subz Miloni so much, that if you come to Jiyaan and let us know you’ve read our blog, we’ll offer you 10% off this amazing dish throughout April!

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