“Sugar and spice and everything nice”! Spices are an integral part of culinary art. In the world of spices, India occupies the Centre stage. Not just that it grows myriad spices in abundance but Indians have been the most successful in spicing up the food in the most creative ways. The eulogy of Indian spices and food run far and wide. For many centuries, travellers have been attracted to India to have a taste of and discover the secret of Indian spices. As a consequence, Indian history has been shaped by the fame of its spices.

India, being a land of diversity, has diverse styles of cooking in different regions but they all share the passion for spicing up the food with what the rest of the world calls “curry”. Jiyaan, the Indian Restaurant in Birmingham uses all the authentic Indian spices for that flavour and taste. These Seven Indian spices matter more than the others.

Red Chilly

Red Chilly was introduced to India by the Portuguese 500 years ago. Since then, it is used to produce the characteristic fiery flavor in the indian food. Consuming red chilly generates heat in the body and makes you sweat. Thus it is consumed in large quantities in regions with cold climate.

Fresh black pepper

Black pepper has a very delicate flavor of its own and adds soothing warmth to the food. It has been the companion of salt on western tables for years now.


Freshly ground cumene is used as a seasoning on already cooked dishes. The famous “Chaat” of India is incomplete without a sprinkle of cumene.


Fresh coriander leaves are used to garnish the food in almost every Indian home. Its dried seed form is equally famous as well. They add a delicate fruity flavor to the food.

Green Cardamom

The much of gentle sweetness of Indian food can be traced to the addition of green cardamom. It sweet flavor and fragrance would linger around even for some time later after you have had traditional Indian “masala” tea or coffee.


The leaves are used in the salad and the seeds are used to flavor the curry. Its bittersweet taste makes its use common in many dishes.


Turmeric adds the attractive yellow color to many Indian dishes. Inherent with many health benefits, it is a common ingredient in the Indian style of cooking. It also adds aroma to the food.

These 7 spices are the Indian cook’s most valuable aids. Together they make up the famous Indian spiced up food, your taste buds will never forget.

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