We’re kicking off March at Jiyaan with one of our favourite curries, a Chicken Karahi! It might not be one you’re familiar with in England, but it is a hugely popular dish in Northern India.

How is it made?

Chicken Karahi is cooked in one pot called a karahi, hence its name. A karahi is a two-handled cooking vessel that looks a bit like a wok.

The dish contains lots of delicious ingredients, such as, red chilli powder (which originates from Rajasthan, a commonly known state in India), cumin powder and garam masala (a popular ingredient mostly known in South Asia, India and Pakistan etc.)

It also includes other great ingredients that are as equally good for your health as it is for your taste buds. Chicken Karahi contains ginger, curcumin, allspice and cardamom within the dish and each contain great health and medicinal properties.

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Did you know?

Ginger is a traditional cold remedy and contains antioxidants. Curcumin has strong anti-flammatory properties, whereas allspice, which is used in a lot of Indian cooking, helps aide your digestion. Finally, cardamom, which comes in seeds, is considered a great antiseptic by herbalists.

Chicken Karahi isn’t just healthier for you because of the spices and ingredients used but also because it doesn’t need a huge amount of oil or butter to create this fragrant curry. Therefore, it’s the ideal curry for those wanting to keep an eye on their waistline.

At the Jiyaan Restaurant, we would rate this dish as a medium hot on the spiciness scale and would personally recommend it to anyone who would like to try a dish that is both extraordinary in taste and also a healthier option.

Try it today!

Come into the Jiyaan Restaurant and taste a Chicken Karahi throughout March and we will give you a 10% discount on this unique and traditional dish!

Here at Jiyaan, in Solihull, we want to take our customers on a journey through the tastes, spices, smells and flavours of Indian Cuisine. We’re passionate about staying true to our Indian roots and introducing people to the flavours and delights of authentic Indian cooking.

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